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Illustration by Fanny Luor

「金魚專注的時間可持續9秒,人類才8秒。」— 哈佛商學院研究員Nancy F. Koehn



iBorn Media擁有豐富的廣告設計和製作經驗,為企業提供廣告設計及製作服務,範圍包括:廣告設計及印刷、網頁開發及多媒體製作服務。我們專業的年青設計團隊,以活力及創造力為客戶設計最優質、創新的廣告概念,同時提供高素質印刷服務,幫助客戶提升設計最合乎經濟效益的市場推廣工作,從而提升品牌之獨特形象,拓展商機。

失敗的廣告設計讓你錯失潛力客戶,成功的廣告為你創造無限商機。iBorn Media團隊精益求精,認真聆聽客戶需求,務求為提供最專業、優質、嶄新的服務。


Why is a good advertising design crucial?

“The average American attention span was about 8 seconds. …The average attention of a goldfish is 9 seconds” -- Nancy Koehn


Admit it. We all have a poor ability to concentrate. According Akamai’s study, 25% of the internet users will leave the website if the page takes longer than 4 seconds to load. People simply don’t have extra patience to spare! If you want to get customers’ interest in an advertisement, you need an attractive design to grab their attention, and at the same time, communicate the brand message with them fast and accurately. This is how you stand out in the vast market online.

Graphic design is not created just to look appealing to the eye. It needs to engage with the target audience in order to build your brand and business. The young and bubbly creative team at iBorn Media has extensive experience in advertising design and production to deploy a compelling brand presentation to attain commercial goals, and received loads of positive feedbacks from clients over the year.

A good design communicates the brand message with the target audience and get as many positive responses as possible from the first touch point. It can be simple as an online banner, brochure, social media post, or even website and billboard.

You wouldn't want to know how many potential customers or businesses you will lose if you adopt a poor advertising design. Optimize the value of each advertising campaign with a strong design to enhance the corporate image with the trusted design team at iBorn Media!



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