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XXL models define rules of their life. Live Marketing helps start-up companies generate revenue!

With the increasing channels of live marketing, the start-up brand named “My Rules” made good use of the livestream function and had received enthusiastic response from consumers.

Our society may advocate that being thin equals to being beautiful. However, many plus-size girls leave the criticism behind and dare to be themselves. They believe that they ought to have the opportunity to wear fashionable items confidently.

The 90s chubby girls, Gloria pioneers large size women's clothing store named My Rules. She would like to encourage every woman not to feel self-abased because of their body shapes. She would like to establish this store to sell low-priced and various kinds of clothing, so as to help them find back their confidence as well as promote the right of dressing up.

Gloria promotes live marketing through social media platforms to promote the brand as well as introduce products to their audience. She even acts as a model to try different kinds of plus-size clothing in the livestream, so customers can understand more about the products’ authenticity. She also make use of immediate and interactive livestreams to recommend a variety of styles and answer audience’s questions through the live broadcast. In addition, Gloria uses practical and attractive content and titles, such as workwear outfit ideas, summer lookbooks etc, in order to motivate audiences to view the livestream, thus enhancing closer interaction with consumers.

Live marketing helps different types of brands to start a business, including plus-size women’s clothing. Although the potential customers of this store are chubby women only, live marketing can still help start-up business generate revenues. In May 2018, Gloria spent more than HKD$100,000 to establish “My Rules”, she uploaded different products’ photos on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. In addition, she used live marketing to promote the brand, such as outfit ideas, new season lookbook and outfit recommendations etc. These marketing strategies apply the features of "interactivity", "immediacy" and "authenticity", which attract more customers and are able to generate tremendous profit within 2 months. The half-year revenue is as high as HKD$500,000. In view of this, start-up brands made good use of live marketing and used livestream to gain more revenue.


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