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【#7 What is SEO?📊】

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to improve the structure of the website, use more high-quality and accurate content and images, etc., so as to improve the ranking of the page in the search engine and increase its exposure.

To understand the operation of SEO, you need to know the principles of search engines. Simply put, search engines have two main behaviors: retrieval and indexing.

The crawler of the search engine first retrieves the content of the website on the Internet, repeats it continuously, and then records the crawled website and associates it into a network diagram, gradually expands, and finally includes the web page data in the database of the search engine , Create a website index (index).

When a searcher enters a keyword, the search engine will search for relevant results from the index page (index page), and then sort according to the popularity (popularity) and relevance (relevance) of each website, and in the search results, the website Therefore, exposure and even traffic can be obtained.

In order to improve the ranking of the website in the search engine, as the business or the owner of the website, they all use different ways to improve the ranking.

SEO can bring good benefits to a website, and its free traffic may attract attempts from all parties. However, SEO requires continuous operations to optimize the internal structure and content of the website. And the following articles will introduce a series of terminology and tips for you, please remember to pay great attention!

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