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[#3 What is SEM?📊]


SEM is a paid strategy to increase exposure📸 in SERP. A paid SEM strategy💸 included activities related to set up and improve advertisement. It is also included a budget for advertisement display. This strategy commonly call paid search or pay-per-click ad🖱️.

Pay-per-click ad in ubiquitous in different websites, Google Ad would be the most outstanding one. By using such strategy, your company is allowed to create Ad series according to industry, product, or service by working on keywords research. When users searching these keywords, they will find the Ad on the top or bottom part of the SERP. Cost💸 will be collected from you when the user clicked on the Ad. A well-planned SEM strategy can largely expand the popularity of your company.

The concept of SEM is to buy the rank of SERP for higher exposure. Apart from SEO, the other Ads are paid services, but involved less time🕐 cost and easier to receive the return💰.


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