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[#4 Terms of SEM📊]


Before formulating SEM strategies for your own company, you need to understand the different terms used in SEM, so that you can formulate strategies more carefully and multi-faceted.

1. 🖱️Cost Per Click CPC: The cost counted that by click-rates on Ad.

2. Average CPC: The cost you need to pay each time a consumer clicks on an ad

3. CTR (Click through Rate): The rate at which an ad is clicked on average after exposed in a period of time. The ratio of the number of times an online advertisement is clicked to the number of visits. If CTR=10%, it means that every ten people who see the advertisement will There is a click ad.

4. Pay-per-click PPC: Cost that advertiser pays after the user clicks on the ad, and the calculation method is based on each click

5. ⌨️Search Engine Result Page SERP: The page that the search engine will display after entering the keyword and searching

6. 💬Keywords: The core of search ads, because search engines will base on keywords to search the web and then display the results.

7. Clicks: The number of times users clicked on ads

8. 📸Impressions: The number of times the ad appears but does not represent the number of people who clicked on the ad.

9. 📸CPM (Click Per Milles): The average price at which an advertisement is exposed for one thousand times. It is also a billing method for advertisements. The cost is calculated based on the amount of exposure.

10. 🔄Conversion: If someone interacts with the ad and takes an action that you define as valuable to the business, it is considered a conversion.


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