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Study examples and check out how Chatbot facilities customers!

Chatbot is widely used for various practical purposes, including customer service or information acquisition. Its 24 hours online customer service system can be used in dialog systems to response and provide automated services for customers. Chatbot not only save labour costs, but also facilitate our daily life and improve work efficiency. Let’s take a look at the following three examples, and understand more how Chatbot facilitates everyone's daily life!

1. Airport facilities and Airlines information Chatbot can offer airport facilities and airline information inquiries, then provide answers according to users’ input. Users can use both voice or text input to ask for the airline registration procedure or flight status, while Chatbot can provide response immediately. For example, when the user enters the flight number and ask whether the flight was delayed or not. Chatbot can identify the related flight number and give a query link for the relevant search terms and provide flexible answers in response to user inquiries.

2. My Starbucks Barista Starbucks has set up the mobile app “My Starbucks Barista”, which applies the Chatbot online customer service system. “My Starbucks Barista” allows customers to complete the order placement service from the app. Starbucks offers a wide range of customizable options for milk types, extra flavored syrups and cold foam etc. Every customers may have their own preference, while Chatbot works with voice input can facilitate customers ordering coffee and beverage at anywhere and anytime.

3. Sephora, Foreign cosmetic brand Sephora, a foreign cosmetic brand, had developed a Chatbot system in the popular mobile messaging app, named App Kik. Through interacting with customers, Chatbot is able to analyze their behavior patterns, habits and preferences, thus provide customized suggestions, product recommendations and reviews to them. This helps customers understand more about the brand and products, which increase their desire to purchase. Moreover, customers can express their concerns and opinions to the Chatbot system after they have purchased. Chatbot can understand customers’ needs and optimize the website system to provide better services.


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