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隨著數字化時代的來臨,搜尋引擎(Search engine)已經成為了大眾生活的一部份,有超過八成用戶的購買意欲會受網絡搜尋影響,不少商家亦開始利用互聯網接觸客戶。例如女士們有興趣購買某牌子的化妝品,會先到網上搜尋相關品牌及該化妝品的資料。

千萬別小看網路搜尋引擎行銷(SEM)的影響力,其實它們早已在不知不覺中滲入生活。全球最大的search engine——Google在香港的使用率穩坐第一名的位置。截至上月,2018年Google在香港的市場佔有率超過八成。而其他search engine如Yahoo!和百度對於地區或目標方面亦各有特色,針對不同的客戶群。總言而之,搜尋引擎擁有可以使各類企業的搜索推廣、品牌營銷的價值、覆蓋範圍大大提升的影響力。

iBorn Media洞悉網上搜尋營銷的上升趨勢,想令你的品牌在海量搜尋結果中突圍而出,我們提供一系列「網站宣傳服務」,幫助有意利用互聯網宣傳SEM的公司踏出第一步,在網路這個龐大的市場增加曝光率及吸引大量潛在目標顧客,從而建立品牌形象。

到底用哪些search keyword才能增加品牌的曝光率?我們iBorn Media擁有精英顧問團隊幫您分析及編輯搜索關鍵字,以“更佳的關鍵字”、“更合理的價錢”確保所選的關鍵字覆蓋全面,有效針對客戶群,替您透過網絡宣傳迅速建立品牌意識與吸納目標客戶!


🔹 Using Search Engines to Market Your Business 🔹

While you are looking for customers, do you know that they are also looking for you too?

Nowadays search engines are always the first stop for internet users to find what they want. Over 80% of e-commerce traffic comes from search engine activities. Most brands are now using the power of the internet to draw new customers and enhance business revenues. People using search engines are actively seeking information relevant to their search query. Let’s say if someone is interested in buying cosmetics from a certain brand, he/she will first go online and search to look for relative information via search engines.

See, search engine marketing (SEM) is absolutely crucial if you want to grow your business and let more people know about your brand. The world’s largest search engine, Google, is the most used internet platform in Hong Kong. As of last month, Google’s market share in Hong Kong has exceeded 80% in 2018. At the same time the other popular search engines such as Yahoo! and Baidu feature particular locations or trademarks, targeting specific groups of audience. In short, the search engine has the influence that will greatly enhance the value of search promotion and brand marketing of different businesses.

Search engine marketing is not just about increasing the exposure of your brand in the internet. Using relevant and high-intent keywords or keyword phrases are the vital factor to the success of the search ad campaign. Our professional team @iBorn Media customizes the most suitable keyword combinations for your brand to make sure your ad campaign performs well yet in a reasonable price!

We understand the value of promoting business via search engine ads. To stand out from the massive search results and attract potential customers to the website, contact us for SEM advice from our professional team now!



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