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Our youngest generation - Understand three characteristics of Generation Z.

I believe most of you familiar with the difference between the 80s, 90s, and 00s. How about the Generation X, Y, and Z? Each generation has its own unique quality, do you know the contrast between them? Researchers typically use the mid-1990s to mid-2000s as starting birth years of Generation Z. Let’s explore the characteristics of Generation Z!

1. Make good use of the network and technology Generation Z was born in the era of the rapid technology development. They have been familiar with new tech products since childhood. They have used electronic screens as their learning tools, and have a high degree of acceptance towards the internet. Therefore, the growth of the generation Z had a close relationship and dependence with the development of technology. With the well-developed technology and network, Generation Z has a great desire to fully utilize information technology in their daily life, including academic, amusement, communication and workplace. They have the ability to make good use of technology and apply it properly in daily life, thus technology has become an indispensable part of their lives.

2. Eager to communicate with people Generation Z has made good use of internet and actively uses social media. They often receive information through social media platform, and spend a lot of time browsing social media every day. The three most commonly used platforms are Facebook (63%). ), YouTube (66%), Instagram (36%) respectively, while they use these social media about 11 times each day on average. Generation Z view internet, SMS, instant messaging and social networking sites as essential tools for communication. Generation Z are eager to socialize and wish to communicate with others through social media platform, in order to build their own social circle, which give them sense of security and confidence.

3. Have a flexible and innovative mind Generation Z not only express opinions through social media platform, but also have high degree of creativity and entrepreneurship. They use a range of information received on the internet to inspire new ideas. In addition, in era of rapid information technology development, Generation Z has cultivated unique ideas and critical thinking. Generation Z has the ability to express their opinions, but no longer satisfied with the limitations or old rules. They appreciate flexibility, change, innovation and independent, which decide to use their own creativity change and strive for improvement.


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