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Let’s investigate consuming habits of Generation Z

Generation Z was born in the era of thriving technology, they had a close relationship and dependence with the development of technology. They are a young age-group who concern innovation and personalized experiences. For companies that want to keep up with the trends of the generation Z, you may refer to the following marketing strategies!

1. Personalized experiences Generation Z pays attention to the personalized experience and would like to express their unique personality and trait through the products, thus brand diversity and personalization are important marketing strategies. To provide a personalized experience, companies should pay attention to brand image which can reflect different cultures and increase exposure rate, thus help attract young consumers, allowing generation Z creates their own unique consumer experience.

2. Trend analysis Generation Z has made good use of the internet and actively uses social media. They often receive information through social media platform, and spend a lot of time browsing social media every day. To attract and stimulate generation Z purchases, companies have to understand trend in the society and apply highly-involved marketing strategy to draw their attention. Generation Z interested in people sharing the same value and preference, and they appeal to Key Opinion Leader (KOL). In order to attract young consumers, enterprises can promote their brand and products by their high popularity and cohesiveness.

3. Create an innovative image for the brand In era of rapid information technology development, generation Z has cultivated unique ideas and critical thinking. Generation Z receive information and express their opinions through social media platform. They appreciate innovation and flexibility, which decide to use their own creativity to change and strive for improvement. To keep up with the trends of the generation Z, companies can apply advanced technology, as well as use big data to conduct market analysis. Furthermore, they can investigate the shopping behavior, interests, tastes and preference of young customers to suit their consuming habits. Companies can provide customers with intimate shopping experience, which help draw young generation Z’s attention. Most of the young generation has high degree of acceptance towards Internet, so order and payment functions in mobile application facilitates their daily life.


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