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【#9 Better SEO performance 📊】

To improve the effect of SEO, On-site Optimization is the most direct and appropriate method. As mentioned in the previous article, the basis of site optimization is to optimize the back-end structure of the website so that search engines can easily crawl the relevant content of the website, thereby making it easier for the website to appear in the SERP with a high ranking, and achieve the effect of increasing exposure. To start from the website structure, you can try the following more common methods: 1. Keyword research: To do a good job in SEO, you need to research keywords from time to time, constantly evaluate the keywords used, and ensure that the content theme, page title, and article content keywords of the website are words that target customers have a chance to search. In order to exactly improve the chances of the site appearing in high-ranking search results. 2. Website structure: The structure of the website greatly affects the browsing experience of visitors, and also affects the time it takes for web crawlers to crawl and understand the website. If the website structure is clear and a site map is built, it can effectively bring good results to all parties. Browse experience. Generally speaking, the better the browsing experience, the more people browse the website in the SERP, the more relevant the website is. 3. Frequently updated content: The update frequency of the website content will affect the search rankings. If the website is updated slowly or not even updated, it is equivalent to the website has not improved, remains unchanged, and potential customers have no intention to browse again. The ranking of SERP is lowered. Therefore, if you can regularly update the content of your website, and constantly update interesting or useful content, you can greatly improve your ranking. SEO can't reach the sky in one step. It requires operators to slowly refine and improve the relevance and relevance of the website. The accumulation of time can successfully bring more exposure.


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