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3 types of AI that are relevant to marketing

It is not surprising that many people know what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is. More organizations have started to use AI to replace human jobs in order to facilitate the whole operation. According to Forbes, there are mainly 3 types of AI that are relevant to marketing: Chatbots, Voice Search and Behavioral Analysis.

1. Chatbots In the beginning, many of the Chatbots are used to answer customers’ inquiries, later Chatbots has been developed for the use of online shopping. Considering the convenience brought by Chatbots, many companies plugged in Chatbots function on their websites and social media accounts. Some of the Chatbots with machine learning are able to collect data and modify the response. Facebook has supported Chatbots since 2016, the information shows that there are over 300,000 business accounts on Facebook using Chatbots to reply to their customers. Chatbots can work around the clock, in order words, they can respond to the customers more quickly, so as to improve the service quality and boost the reputation of the companies.

2. Voice Search We can always hear ‘Hey, Siri.’ and ‘Ok, Google.’ when people use the built-in natural-language user interface system for searching. With mature technologies, more people prefer using Voice Search than searching on the browser by themselves. Over half of the users claim that they use Voice Search every day. Through Voice Search, the search engine results pages will be shown. Thus, search engine marketing (SEM) is gaining more importance. Companies can attract more potential customers only if they can get to the top of the search engine.

3. Behavioral Analysis Every activity can be traced easily online, the customers’ activity recorsd indicate customers’ buying preferencess. AI can analyse potential customers’ preferences and purchasing trends. The data can assist managers to fine-tune and develop marketing strategies in a more efficient way. It is worth noting that companies must handle customers’ records carefully to protect customers’ privacy. If there is information leakage, customers will lose confidence in the companies, the goodwill will be negatively affected.

Technologies are ever-changing, marketers should keep-up with technology development and make good use of them to generate more profit.


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