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品牌定位(Brand Positioning)是指企業根據其市場定位及潛在客戶,為品牌塑造一個鮮明獨特的形象,從而讓其在同類型的競爭者中脫穎而出。品牌定位的概念對企業而言並絕不陌生,然而卻不得不說,很多或許在市場上已經佔據一席之地的公司在品牌定位上仍然非常模糊。沒有清晰的品牌定位策略,企業難以在日益激烈的競爭當中生存。倘若不想品牌被市場競爭所淹沒,那麼你絕對不可以錯過以下三個策略。


(1) 先瞭解自己,建立獨特性





(2) 確立並瞭解目標客群




(3) 知己知彼,百戰百勝





How to keep ahead of the competitive market? Here are 3 brand positioning strategies you need to know!

Brand positioning is how a company creates a unique image according to its market position and target customers in order to stand out from the competitors. The concept of branding position is no stranger to most of the companies, but then some market leaders have a really vague positioning in the business. Without a clear strategy, it is difficult for companies to survive in this competitive market. Here are the 3 major strategies to a successful brand positioning if you want to keep ahead in the market!

First, please ask yourself the following 3 questions:

Who am I? Who are you? And who are they?

(1) Understanding oneself, and build its uniqueness.

‘Who am I?’

To build a brand, you have to know its strengths and weaknesses. Try your best to show your customers the best features it has, and tell the world how unique and attractive your products are.

Uniqueness is the key for your brand and products to stand out and differentiate from your competitors. However, it takes time and it is an uneasy journey. Therefore, you may use the strong features. Then steps by steps you can establish a special impression of your brand with their values and uniqueness.

You have to understand yourself to outshine.

(2) To establish and understand your target customers

'Who are you?'

After realising brand's uniqueness, you can then find the most suitable customers according to brand's characteristics. Understanding customers’ wants and needs will help strengthen the brand position in the market. It will also affect company's future development and its value in the market.

A successful brand should have the same philosophy as its customers.

(3) Know the enemy and know yourself

'Who are they?'

To distinguish oneself, you have to know who your competitors are. Identify the differences between you and your competitors in order to avoid brand similarities. It is hard to convince customers to choose you over the other brands in the industry if you can hardly differentiate your brand with your competitors.

Pinpoint the differences and show your worth.


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