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【#19 Final battle of SEM & SEO📊】

When you know the differences between SEM &SEO, you will be better equipped to decide which is right for your business. You may find that you need a combination of both to reach your goals. When comparing SEM vs. SEO, there is no quick formula or simple answer. There are a lot of factors to consider. Some businesses may choose to focus on SEO. Others may choose to focus on SEM. And sometimes the right approach is to implement a combination of SEO and SEM strategies. It all depends on your unique business and goals.

There are many ways to optimize SEM, including campaign budget, search terms, bid strategies, negative keywords, search impression share, keyword bids, search ads, advertising schedules, and equipment. Data, the advertising budget, keyword bidding, and keyword increase and decrease are constantly optimized to find a balance between CPA and conversion. Whether it is SEM or SEO, the ultimate goal is to get more traffic for your website through the use of search engines, but traffic belongs to traffic, and business belongs to business! If there is a large amount of SEM/SEO traffic posted to your website, but very few transactions are made, you must check the content of the website itself, not the source of the traffic. When there is no business, in addition to checking whether there are any set errors in the advertisement, and noting whether it is accurate, you must also review Landing's Flow and content! Hoping that after a series of 19 episodes of explaining SEM and SEO, everyone can have a deeper understanding of them.


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