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【#17 SEM vs SEO (4) 📊】

Consider the cost for pay-per-click of your business.

Before designing the SEM strategy for your business, cost evaluation📋 is essential work to do. The cost 💸of pay-per-click is different depends on competition. If the cost is affordable for you, then SEM is good for you to work on👌; if not, you may choose to work on SEO instead🤓.

Of course, SEM can surely ensure that the brand maintains a high exposure rate. Long-term SEM can stabilize the brand's image and leave a deep impression. Depending on your approach, agency, and ad budget, you may invest more or less than $9000 each month. Understanding the factors that determine SEM pricing, however, can help your company make smart decisions when it comes to choosing a plan, agency, and strategy.


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