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【#11 SEM & SEO Similarity (2) 📊】

We have mentioned SEO and SEM before and they seem to be two different strategies. SEM is actually a strategy in general and SEO is a branch of SEM, therefore, they are having a degree of similarity. 3.Understand the demand of your target audience You have to have an understanding of your consumers and their consumption patterns🗃️ to use that two strategies efficiently. By researching consumer psychology🧐, you will know their demand thoroughly and able to create attractive and useful content. This content will be displayed when consumers search keywords on search engine🙌. 4.Research on Keywords is Crucial The first step of using SEM and SEO is having research📋 on keywords for designing suitable keywords. This research should include keyword trends and the competition status to filter out keywords and related information searched by consumers📊. Also, these researches can be getting information about keywords used by your competitor and help you to encounter that competition⚔️.


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