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Why Yahoo Native Ads?

Yahoo native advertising is now an increasingly popular format on content marketing online. Studies found that web users are 25% more likely to pay attention to native ads and they show a higher purchase intention to the advertised products or services than other ad formats due to a more relative nature to the website content, thus bringing more business revenue from native ads.

The ad message will appear in stream with the website content on different Yahoo platforms with FREE impressions of over 13 million traffic views! It operates with a pay-per-click (PPC) model, in which you only pay when someone actually clicks into your landing site. It attracts more potential customers to learn more about your brand via the ad, making it a cost-effective choice of ad format. 

Our professional Yahoo ad team at iBorn Media sorts out the best target audience on Yahoo for you, and make sure your brand message is delivered to the right audience. Contact us to know more about how Yahoo native ads promote your brand and drive business conversions!

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