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Video Production

People are generally attracted to visually appealing graphics. If you want to deliver a long message or tell stories about your brand, video is the best medium to communicate with the audience. 

Our creative team comprises young and enthusiastic professionals who have extensive experience in scriptwriting, producing and editing videos over the years. We create content that is innovative and informative according to your business initiative. We also make sure that the final video outcome will fit in the format across social media platforms or website and effectively draw audience's attention and interest to your brand, eventually shaping your brand image.

Video Shooting Service

Hong Kong Invention 2019 Highlight

Hong Kong Invention 香港發明展覽會 (3 Mins)

Hong Kong Invention 香港發明展覽會 (30 Sec)

Road Safety Council 道路安全議會

( 46週年嘉年華精華花絮 )

Decor Collection帝家設計 _Corporate Video 2016

HYUNDAI 現代汽車_新一代【Tucson】汽車系列

Yardstick Office Furniture_Corporate Video 2016 

Animation Design Service

【Bus Body Advertising in Hong Kong】 

With thousands of buses in Hong Kong, there are some bus advertising tips you need to know!

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【Mini-Bus Body Advertising】 


Watch this 1-minute video to get up to speed quickly about advertising on minibus!

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【Taxi Advertising in Hong Kong】 


Advertising on taxis is a very cost-effective way to promote your brand in Hong Kong! 

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