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Social Media Advertisement 

Social media marketing is constantly evolving with new functions and trends. The different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WeChat have already become part of everyone's life. Unlike conventional advertising, social media allows close connection between business and users. We believe that humanized marketing directions enhance social metrics, and more importantly brand image and trust. 

Our team provides you with the most comprehensive social media marketing services based on your advertising goals from the start to end. You will get fully supported through all the advertising strategies, graphic design, management and monitoring, and performance insight across different social media platforms. Contact us to learn more about social media advertising with iBorn Media!

Our Services cover:
... and more!

CPCE 公民教育委員會 

From Facebook fan page management to advertising, we create a comprehensive social media marketing and promotion solutions for our clients. Our team has been working on an extensive project with a government organization, CPCE, including post content development, video production and organizing mini-games. With strategic approach on the campaign, there was a 29% of fan increase just the first 6 months after launching, and we have improved the overall fan page engagement.

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Regular Post

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螢幕截圖 2019-06-03 下午6.37.26.png
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We created bimonthly mini-games that inspire a mass audience with positive civic values, and at the same time grow the fan base of the page. Engaging strategies in designing the post content and game mechanics, together with appealing gift selection were adopted in developing the interactive campaigns. It has resulted in reaching tens of thousands of audience per game.

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Videos Production

Our team has produced various videos for CPCE covering topics including civic values and local Hong Kong cultures across various formats: animations, infographics and location-shooting videos. From developing storyboard and production plan, to post-production and delivery, we ensured every shoot runs smoothly and is able to communicate the message with public effectively.

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