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Trend of animation advertising - 3 reasons to use animation when advertising!

I believe that most of you is familiar with this classic animated character of Demae Iccho! Over the recent years, more companies have used animation advertising to promote their brands and products. Animation advertisements are created by animation with commercial and promotional elements. The content of animation advertisements are interesting, not only loved by all age-ranges, but also help enhance the publicity effect and attract consumers to purchase. Let's discuss reasons why animation advertisements succeed!

1. High level freedom of creativity Nowadays, more and more Japanese companies like to use animation when advertising. The purpose of animation advertising is to use the animated characters to enhance the brand image. The content of animation is modish and interesting, with high degree of freedom of creation and imagination. Different characters and plots of the animation advertisements create suspense to the audience within a few tens of seconds, which make them easily remember those animated characters and help associated with the brand and product.

2. Low production costs From the macroeconomic side, the advertising cost of animation production is not too high. While by applying celebrity effect, the cost of finding artists to appear in advertisement is relatively high. Though finding artists to appear in advertisement, such as idol, singers and models can create a high degree of popularity, company's advertising resources and budget are limited, which can’t sustain this heavy costs. In contrast, animated advertisement is a better choice. Not only advertising cost is low, the coverage and audience is also wide and large respectively, which help enhance good publicity.

3. Highly interesting Most of the scripts for animated advertisements contain comedy elements, audience usually view the animation as a comedy, so animated advertisements are interesting for them. Animated advertisements have strong sense of humor and are easy to understand, which can quickly catch the eye of the audience in a short time. Animated advertisements not only combine the plot with the brand image, but also integrate the functions and features of the product into advertising, so audience can directly understand the characteristics of the product, which help enhance the popularity of the brand.


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