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Three examples tell you how animation advertising helps improve brand image.

In recent years, many well-known companies have used animation advertising to promote their brands and products. The content of animation is modish and interesting, with high degree of freedom of creation and imagination, and the production cost is low, thus more and more companies choose to use animation advertising. How do companies use animation advertising to enhance their brand image? Let’s explore how the following three successful animation advertisements help companies enhance the publicity effect!

1. Japan McDonald's Recruitment Advertisement There is no doubt that Japan is a country with a flourishing animation industry. In the animation advertising of McDonald's in Japan, the theme of "The Future Me" is to recruit more young people as part-time staff. Through the drama with positive message, it attracts audience to work at McDonald's. The animation features a young girl named Sumire Hibino, had just joined McDonald's and was trained by a senior, and shows her journey from nervous junior to confident staff member. Within this one-minute animated advertisement, it describes a heartwarming story that deliver positive message, which helps attract audience to join as a part of McDonald's staffs. This advertisement attracted a high click-through rate and enhance the brand image of McDonald's.

2. Demae Iccho Animation Advertising Demae Iccho of Nissin Foods has launched a series of animations with different themes. The special "Super-Hot Tonkotsu Flavour" was launched, while animation make use of the famous role-playing video game "Yo-kai Watch" to promote the brand and products in the advertisement! The video game "Yo-kai Watch" has a strong sense of rhythm and is highly interesting, which can quickly catch the eye of the audience in a short time. Through this interesting animated advertisement, the promotion of Demae Iccho series will be incorporated in the advertisement, so audience can understand more about product.

3. Starbucks Roasted Coffee Introduction Starbucks, the world's largest chain of coffee shops, uses a 49-second animation to introduce how ingredients from different countries produce flavored coffee. Starbucks introduces types of coffee beans, correct proportion and roasting methods. The animation uses impressive and amusing images, with narration, help audience easily understand the message delivered by the advertisement.


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