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Snapchat日前宣佈同售票系統SeatGeek合作,用戶即將可以喺Snapchat購買運動賽事、演唱會等等嘅門票!咁大家就唔洗再特登去售票網站搶飛啦!呢個新功能大大拉近咗用戶同商家之間嘅距離,只需要簡單幾步,就可以直接喺Snapchat Story 度購買感興趣嘅活動門票喇!

iBorn Media一直緊貼唔同平台的趨勢,幫你貼合市場走勢變化,揾到最合適你嘅廣告方案!想喺Snapchat宣傳都無問題~想係唔同平台宣傳自己的產品服務?黎搵我地查詢啦!

You can now purchase tickets directly within Snapchat!! Snapchat is collaborating with SeatGeek to allow users to purchase sports and music events ticket directly within the app. The innovative function encourages users to purchase ticket of events that interest them while scrolling through the Snapchat stories. It will as well (definitely) facilitates the interactions between the show team and users! Do you know that we also offer advertising solutions on Snapchat? Want to know how to promote your online business effectively? Feel free to contact us for professional advice on online advertising!


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