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【#6 All about SEM - Ad Copy📊】


Ad Copy is one of the tools to seek business opportunities. A good Ad Copy can attract consumers to learn more about your products or services. An excellent Ad Copy must include different elements, such as an engaging text, and a magnificent page design. It is going to introduce the factors for writing an outstanding Ad Copy. 1. Ad headline should be concise and powerful💪 You have to give consumers a reason to click or continue browsing by the title. In addition to promoting the product, it is necessary to induce the customer group for further action. 2. More effort is needed in writing📝 You must first understand the characteristics of your consumers before choosing which style to use. Always prepare several styles for different customer groups. Never be static! At the same time, different rhetoric or sentence patterns can be used to avoid being monotonous or dull. A tremendous text can leave a good impression on consumers and expand your customer base. 3. Induce your customers to take action🆙🆒🆕🆓 For example, inviting everyone to register, subscribe, download, contact customer service staff, get quotes, browse selected products, etc. These sentences can make consumers curious about the content, motivate them to become interested, and then take action. 4.A/B Testing🆎 Design two different Ad Copy and observe the performance after a period of time. In order to know what style of Ad Copy the customer group will be attracted to, and design a better marketing strategy after research.


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