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網絡購物越嚟越方便快捷,Instagram最近亦都宣布咗將購物標籤帶到限時動態上的新購物功能。而家大家只要係限時動態按入購物袋標籤,就可以睇到產品的詳情並購買啦!📷😍根據Instagram表示,目前每日總共有超過3億人用緊限時動態,呢項功能預計會大大增加Instagram的消費群同埋廣告。 隨著物聯網時代的來臨,品牌係網絡上的競爭亦都極之激烈。想係呢度脫穎而出,成功吸引消費群?iBorn Media可以幫你哋係呢個龐大的市場揾到屬於自己的定位,由專人為你分析,度身訂造專屬的廣告宣傳,仲迷茫緊?嚟iBorn Media揾我哋嘅專業團隊幫你啦!

Starting today, hitting the little shopping bag tag in Instagram stories will lead you to more details on the product that caught your eye and how to get it. The shopping function is definitely a good news to both users and retailers. What’s more important is that the links to purchase are free for companies to use!

Still struggling with ways to boost your retail business? Wanna build up your own business image? We’re always up for providing you with professional advice and ideas. Feel free to contact us!


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