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Facebook引入全新人工智能Rosetta 過濾圖片文字


圖片來源: Facebook

Rosetta運用機器學習(machine learning)令圖片上的文字轉成可供機器閱讀的文字。即使圖片上的文字不是英文或拉丁字母,例如阿拉伯語和印度語,也能有效地轉換。現時Rosetta每天更可以審查超過10億的圖片和影片,有助Facebook 管理自己的平台。



Facebook’s Rosetta AI can detect texts from images

With over 300 million images being uploaded on Facebook everyday, Facebook is now deploying a latest AI system, Rosetta, to read texts images in order to improve overall user experience on the platform.

Source: Facebook

Rosetta understands texts that appear in images in different forms, across languages and media. To this date, the AI model is able to understand the context combining text and graphics in over a million of images and videos posted on Facebook in languages other than English and Arabic letters. In a long run, this technology will be helpful in optimizing search quality in graphics and monitor post feeds that violate Facebook content policies.

It is believed that Facebook will as well apply this function to understand users’ habits and interests within its platform in the future. It is also useful for companies to target the right audiences in advertising campaigns for an optimal ad outcome.


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