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Facebook 推出音樂貼紙 為個人檔案、帖子和故事增添色彩!

平常使用Facebook時一般都只會發文字與圖片的帖子,可能會略感單調。現在Facebook 推出更多與音樂有關的功能,如音樂貼紙等,讓用戶可以為個人檔案、故事和帖子增添趣味!


現時年輕一代流行利用社交平台直播及分享對嘴影片,有興趣打入年輕市場的商家可應用Music Stickers及相關功能於宣傳專頁中。在發文時添加音樂貼紙,比起單單發文字與圖片的帖子,更加能吸引其他人注意,達致宣傳效果,帶來更大的商益。


Facebook rolls out Music Stickers for Stories

If you are getting tired of the ordinary text or photo feeds on Facebook, then the new Music features are for you! Expanding Lip Sync, Facebook is now bringing Music Sticker on Stories, which will also soon be available on users’ profile.

The same function as the Music features announced on Instagram in June, now Facebook users can look for a soundtrack of a song to share on Stories. They are able to add artist and song name with the Music Sticker, too. It is believed that Facebook will roll out a similar feature as the collaboration between Spotify and Instagram to show what users are currently listening to in real time. More new features will be coming soon as announced by Facebook earlier and it will surely enrich user experience on there.

The Live and Lip Sync features on social media platforms are a hot trend among the millennials nowadays. It would be an effective channel for businesses that want to access the younger generation and promote their brands with the latest social trends. Music Stickers will definitely benefit artists and singers who want to engage with a wider range of audience on Facebook!


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