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Facebook收購人工智能科創Bloomsbury AI


社交平台虛假資訊氾濫,充斥大量無用或不實的消息,Facebook於日前收購了位於倫敦的創企Bloomsbury,宣布與當中的AI團隊合作。Bloomsbury AI在行業中擁有領先的專業知識,建立了自然語言處理(NLP )技術,以自然語言技術幫助機器,讓其能夠根據從文檔中收集的信息處理問題。



Facebook一直活躍於人工智能(AI)研發領域,而Facebook的最終目標是讓AI能夠理解圖像,視頻和文字,取替在後台操作的真人,有效地調節社交網絡平台。而Bloomsbury AI的團隊在機器閱讀方面技術的領先,正正可以幫助提升Facebook的在自然語言處理方面的能力。


是次收購於Facebook而言意義重大,Facebook目前正面臨著虛假消息氾濫的問題,Bloomsbury AI團隊的加入,除了能夠幫助Facebook在AI研究領域更進一步外,這項技術很大程度上能幫助其監控社交網絡和監管虛假新聞或消息,改善現存虛假資訊氾濫的問題。

Bloomsbury的理念是“be able to answer any question that requires reading better than a human”——“比人類的回答更出色”。相信這次Facebook跟Bloomsbury的合作不但可以提高帖子內容的質素,在商業方面更能幫助Facebook提升搜索功能,以AI及機器學習技術深入了解用戶瀏覽社交平台的習慣及日常興趣,從而自動投放最合適的廣告,更精準地為商家尋找客戶群,爭取廣告利潤及價值,為社交平台帶來全新的衝擊。

來源:Facebook, Techcrunch


Facebook is acquiring Bloomsbury AI’s team for natural language tech

Misleading information and news are all over the social media nowadays. Facebook announced earlier that it has acquired Bloomsbury, an AI start-up based in London. This company has developed a leading expertise in natural language processing (NLP) and is using the technology in machine learning to understand and sort out the vast messages online.

(Source: TechCrunch)

Facebook has been working on the research and development in the AI field for years. Its goal is to be able to interpret the images, videos, and texts with a software instead of human involvement to achieve the efficiency in monitoring and management over the social media platform. With the expertise of Bloomsbury AI team, it will definitely enhance Facebook’s ability in natural language processing.


While Facebook is trying its best to improve the quality of the post feed setting, the cooperation with Bloomsbury will definitely help combat the misinformation and false news, and eventually create an automatic system to manage the content within the platform.

Bloomsbury’s goal is to “be able to answer any question that requires reading better than a human”. It is expected that the AI tech will go beyond the content screening, and more to explore how it helps advance the search function for ad placement optimizations. By comprehending users’ browsing habits and their daily interest with the machine-learning system, advertisers can thus utilize the upgraded system and generate the biggest revenue and value on Facebook.


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