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F8 2018

Facebook一年一度嘅F8開發者大會喺今日宣佈咗第一輪即將推出嘅新功能,其中亮點包括新增社交約會平台、將AR科技導入Instagram同Messenger、加入即時短信翻譯功能等等,驚喜十足📷💥📷💥 今年一系列嘅計劃充分利用咗Facebook身為社交平台去進一步促進網絡社交同全球化嘅互動,同時為廣告創意開發咗一個新領域。小編真係好期待下一輪新功能嘅update📷😍

iBorn Media緊貼社交網絡市場走勢,快啲搵我地嘅專業團隊合作,為你計劃最適合你品牌嘅廣告方案啦📷❣️

📷💥📷💥Facebook announced a series of system and service updates in the annual F8 conference today! Highlights include: New dating feature on Facebook, AR tech on Instagram and Messenger, real-time translation within chat, and more!! Def further promote socialization and globalization on its digital ecosystem, plus expand ad creatives online. More updates coming up! Stay tuned📷😍

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