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5 Points you should know about female consumer analysis

Gender, age and background are factors that influence consumers. In order to successfully attract target customers, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of our customers. The purchasing power of women has increased significantly over recent years, thus it is important to conduct an analysis on female consumers.

1. Emotional dominance Generally, women are more emotional than men. Several studies have proven that women are more emotional than men, and they are more adept at expressing emotions. Women’s emotions are also easily inspired, so it is common to see that many women are inspired by the plot when they are watching movies. Compared with informational advertising, women are more likely to be attracted to advertisements that are emotionally appealing. 2. Focus on the appearance Most of the women extremely focus on the appearance and have certain requirements and standards for beauty. Women are more attracted to products that have good packaging and design. Women are willing to spend money on products with better appearance. Therefore, if the product is targeted at female consumers, sales and designers can make good use of colour and fonts to draw their attention. 3. Sensitive to pricing Female consumers are generally more price sensitive than male consumers. Low prices can attract female consumers to make purchase while higher prices may make female consumers think that products are having higher quality. 4. Actively use social media platforms With the advancement of technology, social platforms have become an indispensable part of our daily life. According to surveys, women are more active on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Female users prefer to browse and connect with friends through social media platforms on mobile phones. It can be seen that using social media platforms to reach female customers is easy and convenient. 5. Affected by others’ opinions Some female consumers will do research before shopping. They often watch products’ reviews taken by key opinion leaders(KOL) in the internet, and they will listen to their opinions and advices as well. The survey conducted by Consumer Council in 2016 points out that over half of the female respondents choose online shopping because of the recommendation by their relatives and friends.


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