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Live marketing springs up everywhere! 3 Tips using livestreams to generate greater profit!

There are increased number of live marketing channels in the recent years. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are some of the alternatives. Users with personal brands or online stores can use livestream through social media platforms. Live marketing helps audience understand different features of the product and the brand.

Users only need to conduct livestream or send the corresponding link to the audience. Visitors from all over the world can click into the broadcasting room through different mobile devices. This clearly highlights the feature of livestreams as “authentic” and “immediate”.

Live marketing combines technologies including online media, video conference, social media platforms and instant messaging etc. These technologies help livestreams develop a distinctive business model gradually. The following factors can help different enterprises generate benefits by using livestream!

1. Enhance Interactive Communication Different social media platforms have launched the livestream functions. Users can promote the brand as well as introduce products to their audience. Apart from this, fans or subscribers can also leave messages while watching the live broadcast. The livestream page will display audience's questions, and users can make respond to it, which helps increase the interaction between users and subscribers. It helps develop better relationships and enhance the brand image as well. One of the livestream functions is inviting visitors to join the livestream. After the conducting the live broadcast, the video will be automatically saved in the channel or fans page, audience can revisit the video afterward in order to know more about the brand and accuracy of the products.

2. Instant Reporting and Data Analysis Live marketing allows visitors to vote, ask questions and leave messages. The voting system technology, opinion surveys and Q&A sessions provide significant data to execute analysis, including number of views, likes and comments, which allows users to evaluate the effectiveness. With the help of real-time data dashboards, users are able to analyze and measure performance effectively and efficiently.

3. Promote Immediacy The key to livestream marketing is not just about creating content like video marketing, it cares its “immediate” and the maximum amount of viewers that can be attracted to the livestream. Therefore, motivating audience to view the streams is a key to success, while attractive content or titles can be used to motivate and attract them. Users can even provide a preview of the upcoming stream to eager audience to participate in the livestream. Using the founder of Perfection Chocolates, a enterprise in Australia, as an example. It had made good use of immediate and interactive livestreams to show chocolate production procedure and answered audience’ questions through the live broadcast.


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