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身為Facebook專頁管理員的你,常為帖子流量而感到煩惱?以下為大家介紹3個管理Facebook專頁嘅小秘訣,要增加專頁或帖子的觸及率和互動率就不再是難事啦 😜

1. 找出最好的出post時間




2. 建立吸引的Facebook內容


2018年初,Facebook將遊戲規則改變了。互動利誘用戶讚好、分享、標籤朋友,以表情反應投票等濫用Engagement baiting的手法,都會被懲罰降低曝光率。要有高接觸率,就要謹記不要濫用Engagement baits!


3. 善用不同的工具和平台




當然最快和直接令Facebook page增加曝光和觸及率就是廣告啦!但要留意廣告帖文的內容都一樣重要啊~~


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► 3 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page's Popularity ◄

Marketing in a digital world nowadays is never easy. There are always new stuff coming up every minute on the internet. If your brand wants to gain exposure on the competitive market space on Facebook, here, we reveal 3 basic tips to improve your Facebook fan page’s popularity.

1. Find the Best Time to Post on Pages

Posting at a right time is one of the keys to reaching more audience on your fan page. You can find a lot of studies online showing a wide range of results telling you ‘this is the specific time you should post on Facebook!’. Basically they all point to one thing: users’ peak activity time.

With this clue, you may want to find out the best time for your page to post instead of following the universal time that others tell you.

A simple way is to take a look at the Insights dashboard of your Facebook fan page and find out the average time your fans are active (see pic below). The data on Facebook metrics would suggest the best time for you to publish a post.

2. Create Engaging Facebook Content

Yes it sounds vague. How do I create content that draws engagement?

Earlier this year Facebook announced an algorithm adjustment to “connect people to meaningful posts”. It is actually promoting content that brings relevant and interactive response, rather than using engagement baits.

Ask questions or create discussions of various compelling topics which are related to your brand to raise audience’s attention and interest. To extend the exposure of the post, encourage your followers to leave a reaction, comment, or even share it with their network. A positive brand image is built when you interact with the other users too to strengthen the loyalty to your page.

3. Utilize the tools you have

Facebook is constantly evolving with new algorithm and tools. Your fans will be amazed and are more willing to engage if you are familiar and playful with the newest functions on the platform.

Stay ahead and create buzz about the popular trends, or even make use of the other media channels if your brand is on other platforms than Facebook such as YouTube or Instagram! The power of content and media combination allows us to spread the message across different networks to optimise your brand’s reach.

Tbf launching ads on your Facebook post would be the fastest and most direct way to increase popularity of the page!

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