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1. 廣告關鍵字眼

每日都有無窮無盡的廣告流出市面,到底怎樣才能吸引客戶的眼球?顯示在廣告上的關鍵字其實是非常重要的部分。在廣告的標題可加入吸引性的字眼,如以數字突出優惠:「低至三折」、「五款必買小飾物」、「最後兩天」;鼓勵行動字眼:「立即買」、「馬上搶」等等。根據 Jakob Nielsen的研究,若廣告帶呼籲行動的字眼,會更引人入勝,增加消費者點撃的機會。加入合適的字眼,絕對有助提高你的廣告在網路上的點擊率。

2. 建立行動裝置網頁頁面

這個年代人人都有一部智能手機,隨著智能手機的普及,我們已不再時常使用電腦。這意味著適合行動裝置瀏覽的網頁頁面將會增加消費者接觸廣告的機會。根據2014 Local Search Study,結果顯示不少交易都經手機網頁完成,佔約八成本地手機瀏覽。若你能把握這個機會,為品牌網站設立行動裝置頁面,配合多媒體的網上廣告,短時間內必定會吸引不少潛在顧客!

3. 精準使用標籤字



Wanna outperform your peers? 3 tips for effective digital marketing!

Digital marketing is getting more important these days. Print advertisement and television commercials remain, but they no longer prevail. Digital marketing will be the biggest trend, from multi-national corporations to small and medium enterprises. Therefore, if you want to survive in the fierce competition within the market, here are the 3 tips you should know!

1. Keywords for advertisement

With countless online advertisements everyday, how can you draw consumers' attention to look into your brand? The words shown on the advertisement is of vital importance. Catchwords like “70% off” or “Free Trial” in the tagline will surely grab audience's attention to looking at the ads. According to Jakob Nielsen's studies, consumers tend to click into advertisements with call-to-action keywords. Having appropriate keywords can definitely help increasing the click-through-rate of your advertisement on the internet.

2. Mobile-friendly website

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, some even own more than one. We don't use a computer as frequently as we used to. It implies that a mobile-friendly website will increase the accessibility for consumers to approach your advertisement. According to the 2014 Local Search Study, it reveals that online transaction is usually made via mobile websites, and it accounts for approximately 80% local mobile searches. If your company is able to grasp the opportunity and create a mobile-friendly website for your brand, you can surely attract a lot of potential consumers!

3. Precise use of hashtags

Most of the social media platforms allow the users to add hashtag in content. With millions of hashtags every day, adding a hashtag can help increase the exposure of your advertisement. Does it mean that we should use as many as we can? Many do think so, but truth is, it makes the performance worse. If hashtags are overwhelmed in the advertisement, consumers will find it less appealing. On the contrary, we should make it precise and concise. For example, Dove used the hashtag #ChooseBeautiful to redefine beauty, and the campaign has gained a huge success. So, think of some quality hashtag and you will find it easier to reach the target consumer.


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