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【#10 SEM & SEO Similarity (1) 📊】

We have mentioned SEO and SEM before and they seems like to be two different strategies. SEM is actually a strategy in general and SEO is branch of SEM, therefore, they are having a degree of similarity. 1. SERP is the stage for both strategies✨ The mechanism of SEO and SEM are using resources to gain more exposure📸. Their ultimate goal are put the website up at prominent positions👀 in SERP when users searching keywords in search engine. 2.More and More Click-rate! 🖱️ Higher position in SERP📊, easier to attract customers to click in the webpage. Highger click-rate will comes after and more opportunity to receive more transaction eventually. Therefore, successcul SEO and SEM strategies🉐 are not only to show up in front of customers but also attract customers to enter the page.


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