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Outdoor Advertisement

One-stop Agency Service


iBorn Media provide one stop outdoor agency service, outdoor ads is effective way to deliver the message. Our professional marketing team customize marketing strategies, evaluate and analyze the marketing trend and provide the consultant services for customers. We provide comprehensive promotion strategy in various networks. It can rapid exposing rates and enhance brand image.

Newspaper and Magazine

There are lots of newspaper being published every day in Hong Kong, including paid newspapers and free newspapers. Because of the popularity of the Internet, newspapers developed in various forms to attract readers, including print newspapers, online version of newspapers, newsletters etc. Most of Hong Kong magazines have a specific topic to present, it can be divided into Customer Segmentation.

TV Wall

TV wall are usually present in populated areas and around transport routes. The dynamic media can deliver strong impressions and awareness because of the TV Wall ads are continuous and they stick to people’s minds.

Bus Body Ads

Bus body ads are a great mobility way to present message. The advertising messages can deliver to passing people near the bus route. A Bus is a large transportation so the messages are more prominent than other transportations. It is easy to draw attention with colorful images or creative ideas.


Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. It is usually present in highly visible & top designated market areas. It increases marketing exposure and enhances the brand image effectively.  

Minibus and Taxi Body

Minibus and Taxi Body is an affective and affordable way to present the brand or product. They usually stay stationary for a longer time than buses at the same waiting place for passengers and customers, therefore there is more time available for people to understand the advertising message, which is a great chance to stimulate responses.

Truck Body Ads


The focus of the truck advertisement is mainly on the container. Since ​​the container includes a large flat area, it can present a complete image and bring out a strong visual sensation. Truck advertisements can spread advertising information not limited to one channel but be exposed everywhere. If products are displayed on body advertisements, more customers will be able to quickly understand the business of the company.

Exhibition Booth Design


Participating in the exhibition certainly hopes to bring more customers to the enterprise, and this kind of short-term advertising methods need to conceive themes and choose suitable exhibits. The more important thing is to find a design company to help create advertising booths, exhibition stands etc. The exquisite and attractive booth design allow exhibition visitors to be attracted by your booth and products in a short time, and arouse customers' desire for consumption. 

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