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Google - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

As the world's largest search engine and possessing the biggest market share in Hong Kong, Google search has already become a part of everyone's life when they want to look for information online. Over 80% of e-commerce traffic comes from search engine activities. That explains why you need to include SEM in the marketing strategies if you seek to drive more business via your site.

To maximize your visibility among the millions of the search result on Google, a sophisticated understanding of SEM is needed to get your brand a top place in the vast digital space. Being a trusted partner of Google, we ensure the most optimal performance in accordance to your business objectives. We review and evaluate data results from Google AdWords and Google Analytics constantly to ensure a positive return of investment (ROI) for your business.

Our services include: 
- Market positioning and competitor analysis
- Keyword suggestions
- Ad title and description
- Account setup (Ad group management)
- Ad rank management based on cost per click (CPC) and quality score (QC)
- Campaign optimization
- Monthly report
- Regular performance analysis and setting adjustment
- Optional location targeting and time scheduling
- Adjustable monthly budget within the service period
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