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Facebook Fan Page Management

As one of the most popular social media platforms, there are more than 2 billion of users in Facebook. To successfully attract potential customers, what you need is a professional team to management your Facebook Fan Page. We will effectively raise the rand awareness, together with enhancing the communication and engagement among your brand and your potential customers, leading to a significant mount in ROI. 



We, iBorn Media, will provide you an all-rounded Facebook Management Service from building a fan page, graphic design, copywriting, management and monitoring, as well as planning a thorough advertisement strategy. With the less time and cost to rebuild your brand image.

公民教育委員會 CPCE 

Creative Post Topics

螢幕截圖 2019-06-03 下午6.37.26.png
螢幕截圖 2019-06-03 下午6.43.06.png
螢幕截圖 2019-06-03 下午6.42.03.png

Wall Game

螢幕截圖 2019-06-04 上午11.31.14.png
螢幕截圖 2019-06-04 上午11.30.51.png


Road Safety Council - 留心蛋 Mr. Safegg 

Creation of Character

Our professional design team has created a new mascot for Road Safety Council, Mr. Safegg, to share important knowledge and funny news of transportation. With the platform of Facebook Fan Page, we use the angle of first person, as Mr. Safegg, to share hot topics in a cute and interesting manner, which effectively enhanced the pool of potential audiences.

Facebook Cover.jpg

Creative Post

To catch the punchline and interests of target audiences, we make good use of the new mascot, Mr. Safegg, to elaborate different transportation tips by newsjacking. With the creative post and design, it is more attractive to read and learn more about the related concepts and information, which exactly the objectives of the client.

Post 3b.png
Post 2b.png
Post 1b.png

Educational animation

Story and animation are the most suitable means to narrate. We have designed and conceived a series of animations, which are related to road safety, to remind viewers to keep cautions to it.

香港綠色建築議會 HKGBC

Creative Post Topics

Our professional team promoted the tenth anniversary of the Hong Kong Green Building Council and designed creative post themes. Starting from the industry, the government and the public, each theme was full of thematic idioms and matched the meaning of green building development and achievement.


Creative Posts

The content of the posts is unified and interesting. With the theme of "Ten", posts reviewed the ten years of development and achievements, promoted future development and shared the funny knowledge of Hong Kong green buildings in the unit of "Ten". It successfully improved brand awareness and increased post engagement.


Wall Game

To thank the audiences for their supports for HKGBC in the past ten years, we designed meaningful and educational game and selected green and creative gifts for audiences, attracting a large number of participants and also attracting a large number of fans to follow the page.


Interesting Animation

The promotional animation designed from the representative mascot of HKGBC "Green Building Buddy" in a lively and interesting way. More audiences knew more about HKGBC through funny animation. The animation attracted amount of true views and post engagement as well as increased the awareness of the organization and further expanded the target audience group.

漁農處 - 漁業技術快訊

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